New Music from MATIXANDO

We are SO happy to share some great news with you. Matixando just released not one but TWO studio albums that are available to stream or download now. Check it out on Spotify, CD Baby, and the (newly updated!) Matixando website.


Matixando Vol 1: Compartiendo Un Sueño

David Dávila González (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Jesse West (Bass), Phil Neumann (Drums), Cole Stover (Percussion), Jonathan De La Cruz (Trumpet), Dena El Saffar (Violin), Maxi Larrea (Guitar)

Matixando Vol 2: Perseverancia

David Dávila González (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Phil Neumann (Drums), Kyle Franke (Bass), Benson West (Lead Guitar), M. Kares aka DitLee (Keyboards), Cole M Stover (Percussion), Azhaar El Saffar (Violin)

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Matixando on Spotify

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