More than a band, Matixando is an attitude to share the passion for life through music, art and community.

Meet the Songwriter

Matixando is the musical project of Costa Rican singer-songwriter David Dávila González.

Bloomington Battle of the BandsApril 2019

Meet the Band

Matixando's line-up is ever-evolving, and since its beginning nearly ten years ago the band has played with countless musicians from just about every corner of the planet. The musicians involved in our most recent recording, and those who are currently performing live in Bloomington, IN and beyond, are listed below.

David Davila Gonzalez, Kurt Baer (back), Charlie Jesseph (front), Hunter Dux, Kyle Franke, Salem Willard, Dit Lee. Not Pictured: Phil Neumann.

David Davila Gonzalez

Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals

Kurt Baer


Phil Neumann


Dit Lee

Keyboard and Vocals

Kyle Franke

Bass Guitar and Vocals

Hunter Dux

Banjo and Vocals

Salem Willard

Guitar and Vocals

Charlie Jesseph


Rex Miller


Jam with us!

Interested in playing together? Check out our schedule for open mics and jam sessions, or send us a message.